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Bryant Surveys (BSI) has been providing surveying services for over 30 years to the structural steel and heavy construction market. BSI’s diverse catalog of work is extensive and involves many of the largest structures built throughout the Western United States over the past several decades.

A union shop, BSI employs the brightest and the best in the field.  BSI has the technical resources, combined expertise, and ability to obtain accurate data for complex projects in the unique conditions many major projects have to deal with. Normal land surveyors are not experienced with the many variences of structural steel that BSI staff deal with every day.


In 1985 Bryant Surveys, Incorporated (BSI) was born and they found themselves working in boundaries, topo, construction, as well as staking work with civil engineering firms all along the West Coast.  A referral obtained from a steel erection company led to more work and more referrals.  BSI grew quickly throughout the 1990’s, hiring more employees and utilizing specialized surveying software to provide an advantage.

2015 – Today

Bob Bryant, Founder of BSI was looking forward to a “soft retirement”, but wanted to ensure future success of his company. SANDIS, known in surveying for using cutting-edge technology and accuracy and ingenuity in engineering was a dream partnership.  All survey services on any project can be taken care of between the crews and office staff at BSI and SANDIS. Bob still spends most of his time out in the field, working on major projects and training young employees in the best practices.